Monday, 13 April 2009

Getting started with a project

The easter break is almost over and one of the first things on our schedule in English is to get an individual project going. One of the goals in our curriculum plan is that pupils are supposed to "choose an interdisciplinary topic for in-depth studies within his or her own program area and present this." Quite a tall order, if you ask me. A majority of my pupils feel most comfortable when they are told more or less exactly what to du. This project, however, is supposed to be about a topic of their own choice and they can choose to work on just about anything. Since exams are coming up, I will advice them to choose a topic that somehow relates to the world of English, but that doesn't really narrow it down much. An important objective of this project is to avoid papers or presentations where the pupils simply present the contents of an article from Wikipedia or similar. Somehow the pupils should be inspired to investigate and think for themselves. Therefore, we ask our students to make a thesis question their starting point. In addition to inspiring independent thinking, we hope that this will help them towards a narrow focus since almost any topic can become too extensive when you really look into it. Here's a couple of pages that can help pupils get started with similar projects: How to work with projects and Writing texts (Photo: Ideas)

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