Sunday, 14 June 2009

Longing for summer

Today is the last Sunday I will spend marking papers (well, today I am marking my pupils' blogs from Norwegian class) this schoolyear. The weather outside is lovely and according to various mobile network operators I should be able to take my laptop and my work to the park due to the wonders of the wireless world. However, I have not yet encountered a laptop with a screen that can cope with sunlight, so for one more Sunday I am forced to remain indoors, and this poem by Jon Stallworthy is the closest I will get to parklife today. Enjoy:


Those daisies know too much!

Seeing that kiss, and now
touching what they touch
ought to have made them bow

their heads. You, pressing her thigh -
because you dared to look

your rival in the eye -

shall be pressed in a book.

Jon Stallworthy

Photo from flickr: Margaritas

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