Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Let's talk about ART

To use a cliché, I don't know a lot about art, but I know what I like. I am always looking for ways to make students talk more and share their opinions in the English class. Why not try to discuss art for a change? When I went to school, art simply served as illustrations in our textbooks. I still associate certain authors and titles of short stories, poems and novels with particular paintings. For example, my Norwegian textbook introduced me to J.M.W. Turner who I have loved ever since. The light is just incredible! I don't expect my students to jump for joy at Turner's light, but I would love it if they would take a look and share their opinion without worrying whether they understood the painting or not. If you too would like to have your students talk a little bit about art in the English lesson, maybe this TED talk can help them understand that it is okay to look at art in unconventional ways: Ursus Wehrli tidies up art. I am certainly going to try to incorporate art in my lessons more often. Illustration from flickr: Whaam

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